5 Selling Apps to Use As An Alternative to Ebay

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5 selling apps to use as an alternative to ebay


I have been selling miscellaneous items that I no longer wanted on eBay for more than 10 years now. Though this was a great way to make some extra income, I have found that there are some challenges that I have been faced with. Ebay is awesome not only for people looking to sell spare items, but many people have created online businesses out of it. You get to have low overhead by not having an actual brick and mortar store, and you can make your own hours by having an online store shipping items when they sell. One of the challenges I have personally faced is the fees associated with selling on eBay. If set up as a personal seller (not an eBay store), you are required to pay a sellers fee of 10% of the final sale value of all items successfully completed, and all depending on if you use Paypal or not (which nine times out of ten you do in order to have fast checkouts and receive your money in a secure way), you will also be subject to a Paypal fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 for receiving money for goods or services. Depending on what you are selling, sometimes this can really eat into your overall profit.

This has lead me on a search to find other alternatives to selling on ebay.
 1. Amazon: This is an option for people who are looking to sell on somewhat of a professional level. This option I put first because there are fees associated with selling with Amazon. If you want to remain a personal seller, you are charged a fee of $1 for every item that successfully sells. If you want to create a professional or business account, you are charged $40/month (so if you plan on selling more than 40 items a month, it may make more sense for you to set up a business account).

The pros: If you are selling high volume quantities (i.e more than 40 items/month), then this is a great alternative because the $40 fee won’t dig so much into your profit margin.

The cons: If you are selling sporadically or do not anticipate selling more than 40 items monthly, the fees are not really worth it.

2. Mercari: This is my number one go to as an alternative to eBay. There are currently no fees to post or sell on Mercari. Your item is posted to anyone who uses the app within the United States, and you can ship your item securely using pre-paid shipping labels. By using my referral code “CBVRSQ”, you can receive $2 off your first purchase.

The pros: The prepaid shipping labels take the guess work out of how much it will cost to ship because it is based on the weight of your item, and you get the option to adjust and change your items pricing and description without being subject to a penalty of fee like eBay.

The cons: Mercari has a very strict and specific Prohibited Item List. If Mercari suspects you are selling anything remotely resembling something on this list, they will remove your listing. If they have to remove your item more than 3 times your account is permanently removed.

*Update: Effective 10/19/16, Mercari will charge a 10% selling fee for all completed sales.

3. OfferUp: This is a great alternative to Craigslist. This option offers the ability to sell locally in your area by meeting up with your seller/buyer.

The pros: There is no restrictions on the items you can sell and your transactions are made by cash so you gets your funds immediately as opposed to waiting for your money to clear from an account. You also do not have to worry about giving a stranger your personal contact information because all communication is done within the app.

The cons: You have to make sure you are careful with the whole meeting process. All depending on what you are selling, you always run the risk of the unknown of who you are meeting. Please use your best judgement when meeting people and try to meet in public places if you choose to go this route.

4. 5mile: This app has the best of both worlds when it comes to selling. You are able to meet locally to sell your items, or you have the ability to sell your items with the option to send your items to someone. If you make the choice to send your items to someone, you have to provide your own secure way of sending items and funds (i.e. paypal, etc.).

The pros: It has a look and feel of Craigslist in the sense that you can also search/provide goods as well as services.

The cons: You will have to provide your own method of shipping and receiving your funds and if you are new to online selling, this may be a daunting task for some.

5. letgo: This app is very user friendly and will let you get rid of your items quickly. This app has acquired the app Wallapop and they have a really good following. With this platform you will have to meet locally so if you are trying to send something to someone, you will be doing so at your own risk.

The pros: You can create mini “commercials” as a fun way to have  youritems sold and posted on your favorite social media outlet.

The cons: if someone contacts you about an item you are selling, the conversation is made public to to all who are following the item. This means if you have agreed to a price or provide location information to an individual, it is seen by all who are looking at the item. I have found in my experience that I don’t like the concept of this which deters me from using this as my main platform.

If there are any other apps that you have used to sell new and used items, please feel fo share them. Or please share your experiences with the above listed apps.

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